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Determinism or Freewill - My Scattered Thoughts

Wouldn't a phrase starting with "I did that because...." immediately discredit the idea of freewill?

If only Chaos Theory could speak...

Can we not create a seemingly infinite but finite list of possible actions one might take in a given situation?

Surely, if a system could factor the appropriate variables and vet the possible outcomes with consideration to past actualities via a developed algorithm - 100% accuracy may be possible, in time. I believe achieving anything beyond 50% would be a reason to push further and so do others.

Of course, the computational power would be astronomical but Moore's Law thrives - so no worries.

All things considered, I'm not convinced we'd find ourselves navigating a Mandelbrot Fractal-esque situation. All things are quantifiable, or so I believe,

For even the unpredictable, there's a pattern to perceive.

Rare neanderthal sighting in Estonia. (2020)

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